labor law for getting regular wages

The legal rights and restrictions of the working people and their organizations can be known through labor law which is also called as employment law. This law even acts as an intermediary of trade union, employers and employees. The employees or the contractors will work for the minimum acceptable condition under the employment standard act. This law is divided into two types such as collective labor law and individual law.
Collective Labor law: The relationship between the employee, employer and the union can be dealt by this collective law.ñ
Individual labor law: The rights of the employees at work and the contract for work can be noticed from individual labor law.ñ
The demands and needs like working condition, wages, working hours and so on of the employee’s can be fulfilled by this law and labor law also helps in getting regular wages. And this even promote employer-employee relationship.
Industrial dispute act : This act promotes properñ communication and relationship between employer and employee and can even provide solutions if any disputes arises. Some of the basic rules of this act is that it gives a notice for a month and 15 days payment as a compensation.
Workmen’s Compensation Act: Calculating theñ payment and providing compensations to the family members of the employee who has died at the time of employment is dealt in this law which was introduced in the year 1923.
Minimum Wages Act: This lawñ allocates the minimum wages for the employees and the changes in the minimum wages can be revised only by state and central government.

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